1. Ryan and I have released a new album of songs dedicated to The Birth of Christ and the events leading up it. Download for free at Noisetrade.com/blindmansportrait

  2. Come support #blindmansportrait next Friday Dec. 6th at Berry D-Lite in Springfield. Free live music, free CDs, and appropriately priced frozen yogurt! 7-9pm.

  3. Christmas music recording. #blindmansportrait #somethingisintheatticandithinkitsalive

  4. Ryan and I are excited to share some new recordings of 7 hymns, all available for free download on Noisetrade.com. Search for Blind Man’s Portrait on Noisetrade or follow this link. http://noisetrade.com/blindmansportrait/what-tongue-can-recite #picstitch #noisetrade #blindmansportrait #freemusic #hymns

  6. Dinner Show Tickets on sale. #blindmansportrait